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Feeling stuck in your career? Or maybe you’re spinning your job search wheels? We know what employers are really looking for and exactly how to make you stand out:

Career Direction & Job Search Accelerator

Resume & LinkedIn Profile Writing

Job Interview Coaching

Your deserve to be paid what you’re worth…

Is it time to Advance your career? Find a more satisfying path? Stop Being underpaid and underappreciated? Achieve work/life balance? Let’s Talk!

Finding your way to a satisfying career is tough. Selling yourself—also tough. If you’re feeling stuck, lost, worried – even panicked about your career – you’re not alone!

We’ve helped hundreds of people to land on their feet in new positions and new careers.

Our work includes:

  • Helping you create a sizzling self-presentation
  • Award-winning writing to produce exceptional marketing materials
  • Strategies that get you back to work fast
  • Lots of hands-on support. You’re not just passed from coach to coach
  • Guidance to open innovative career paths
  • Commitment to your success.
  • Salary negotiation support that helps you get paid what you’re REALLY worth.

Our individual Career Action Plan focuses on YOUR career specifics!

We examine with trained eyes and ears where you are, where you’d like to be (as best you know), and what’s in the way. Based upon our years of experience, our knowledge of the current job market, and best practices, we determine what you’re doing right and what needs attention. Then we’ll put together a plan for you to get ahead. Then, you can choose: do the rest on your own OR get our help to implement the plan.

3 ways Lucrative Careers Can help you achieve job hunting success:


We take the time to create customized resumes that get through Applicant Tracking Systems and LinkedIn profiles that get found by recruiters and employers. Our work makes them sit up and take notice—and call you in for interviews.


Feeling stuck or stalled? Confused? Wanting to be somewhere else in your career?Whatever the issue, let’s spend 90 minutes or so together. We’ll have you take us on a guided tour of your career: what you’ve done, what motivates you, how you’ve made decisions, and more. We’ll then come up with a plan to reach your goals—or help you to figure out what you’d like to do.


Job interviews are one of the most anxiety-provoking obstacles that people face in the job search. There’s a lot more to the art of being interviewed than what initially meets the eye. In fact, there is a hidden agenda behind many interview questions. Once you understand that agenda, you can relax, knowing you’re saying the right things. We’ll teach you about the five main questions in a job interview, and how to

hit them out of the park.


Choose From one of our Popular career-changing Employment Solutions:

If you’re feeling stuck, lost, worried—even panicked about your career—you’re not alone. We can give you everything you need to make your next best step toward your true potential with a career you love.


Take control of interviews

Powerfully articulate your contributions

Don’t be haunted by skeletons in the closet (e.g. Why were you fired?)

Keep salary issues from eliminating you – get paid what you’re worth


Expert interviewing to help you articulate your accomplishments

Custom-crafted to get attention of recruiters and employers

Complete rebranding to make you stand out


Find career direction

Stop repeating your mistakes

Make your job & career work for you


When you choose Lucrative Careers, you gain the confidence of knowing your representation is world class. Clients who work with us are being hired by the best in their industry, every day!

Yes, that means you too. Don’t Wait! We’ve helped clients from many different industries to finally feel in control of their destiny. Clients say they used the skills we taught them again and again to advance in their careers.

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