An Expensive College Degree-And No Job

It Cost A Fortune To Put Your Son or Daughter Through College.

But now, you’re worried. You hear the job market is tough and smart kids from great schools are working at Walmart and Starbuck’s. They can’t seem to find a decent job.

So Many Of Today's Grads Aren't Finding Good Jobs​

A study at the University of Washington found that 53% of recent graduates are unemployed or underemployed. The average graduate needs up to six months to find that first job. They are unlikely to find work in their field or even one that requires a college degree.

A lot of recent grads have moved back home–or are thinking about it. Is your grad in the same boat?

Maybe You've Seen Some Of This At Your House?

  • David is motivated, but despite dozens of online applications, he only had one interview. He's losing confidence.
  • Monica got great grades, and though she’s gotten several interviews, she’s not gotten any offers. What's going wrong?
  • James hasn't been doing much of anything to find work, despite much scolding from mom and dad. Tension is building.
  • Gina got an interview through Dad's friend. She got hired, but she doesn't like the work at all. She has no idea what she really wants.

College Doesn't Prepare Grads For Job Market Realities

While some university placement offices do very good work, many provide general advice and maybe a workshop or two. There’s little personal attention. Grads are set free to blunder their way to a good job-if they can. It’s like they’re given an expensive fishing rod, but no bait or coaching on how to fish.

Employers love guys like this-but he didn't know it.

I recently helped a new grad upgrade his (awful) resume. He was sure he’d have hard time getting hired because of his low GPA. His GPA, by the way, wasn’t all that bad. I helped him see himself differently. He’d done full time work AND full time school, paying for his entire education. PLUS he’d participated in a sport–AND taken on leadership roles in activities. With a changed mindset, he hit the job market.

A few weeks later, he told me he’d landed and said, “Thanks again for the resume. The employers focused on the good things you wrote in the resume. They didn’t seem interested in my GPA.”

We Provide Job-Hunting Tools People Can Use Again and Again Throughout Their Careers


We offer a Career Action Plan Meeting. We’ll spend around 90 minutes with your grad and find out what makes them tick, what they’re doing in their job search, and give them a plan to move forward.

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